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Q: How much time does it take to deliver my product?

A: We prepare your orders in 2-3 days and shipping takes 4-5 business days. This means your estimated delivery day, changing around 7-10 days all around the world.

Q:How can I imagine product sizes?

A: We calculate all product diameters for every product. You can find all measurements in the description as grams, inch, and cm.

Also, you can always look at reviews photos! We have a lot of customers and photo reviews for almost every product. We’re updating the listing photos too.

Q: Which products can be customizable? 

A: For Silver Products: We have a personalized collection, which is available for backside engraving (max 20 letters) free. Also, we can engrave flat silver necklaces on backsides but it has an extra cost.

We can be manufacturing all silver designs as a 10K-14k-18K Gold too. If you are interested in our products as gold versions, we’re here to calculate your price and prepare it for you.

Q: Are your stones (in gemstone collections) original stone?

A: No. It’s precious stones, lab order cubic zirconium. It’s safe and very durable.

Q: What’s your exchange and refund process?

A: We have so many customers which get problems with size wrongs. We’re helping you with the exchange process. It has shipping costs. Usually, we recommend that you resend us with USPS. After we receive your parcel, your new process is going to start.

Q: Is Rose&Gold&Silver Shiny Polished Finished possible?

A:Yes! Our products are made to order, that’s why we can polish finished if you prefer a shiny look.
But our favorite Oxidize original ones for a deeper look! 

Q: Can I use it on water, is it durable for weather conditions?

A: Our 925K Sterling Silver products are very durable! That’s why you can be sure about the quality. But we don’t recommend using showers, swimming or gym for long time use.
But “plated” collections are so much more sensitive than oxidized silver products. You should be careful when you use it, it can be damaged easily. 

Q: How can I clean my product?

A: You can use a medium toothbrush to clean it, but remember to be gentle!

Q: Which product pieces can be customizable?

A: We can be a manufacturing chain size, bail diameters, engraving rings inside (just one word) and backside personalization on necklaces.

Q: How can I measure my ring size?

A: We’ve size chart photos and you can find them online too, but the best way for 

measuring your finger size is a local jewelry shop. If you have a jewelry shop in your town, learning from specialists probably will be best!